Creating Outstanding Performance

Chauvin Consulting helps leaders and their teams create outstanding performance.

The leader’s actions and behaviour have the greatest impact on employee engagement.

And engaged employees outperform their peers by 20% and are 87% less likely to leave their organisation.

Therefore we help leaders:

  • Understand their current leadership behaviour
  • Identify how it can help or hinder employee engagement
  • Build on what works and change what doesn't work.


Strengths-Based Development

Your best opportunity for success lies in building on who you already are, rather than trying to be someone you’re not.

We all have strengths – the unique combination of talents, knowledge and skills that enable us to do what we do best.

Conventional development puts our strengths aside and focuses on fixing our weaknesses.

We can’t ignore our weaknesses. We need to be aware of them and manage them so they don’t trip us up. But our greatest opportunity for success lies in building on our natural talents.

Our strengths-based training and coaching enables people to build on their areas of greatest potential – to become the best version of themselves.

Lasting Behavioural Change

To perform better something has to change.

But change requires unlearning some old habits and relearning new ones, which is uncomfortable.

And the inability to manage discomfort is the biggest barrier to people reaching their true potential.

So we enable people to overcome the discomfort associated with change so they can turn their talents into outstanding performance.

Our practical strategies are anchored in the principles of Emotional Intelligence, which is the cornerstone for personal and professional success.



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