Bridging the Knowing–Doing Gap

Aristotle said:

“We are what we repeatedly do; excellence, then, is not an event, it’s a habit.”

Events such as training and coaching are excellent vehicles for developing skills. However, real behavioural change starts when the event is over, which raises these critical questions:

  • Will the participants have a go at using the skills in the workplace?
  • If they do and it doesn’t go well will they keep trying?
  • If it’s too uncomfortable will they give up and revert to their old habits?
  • What support do they need during this critical transition period?

These questions highlight the Knowing-Doing Gap that presents itself after every development event. The participants know what to do … but will they do it?

Bridging this gap is essential for extracting maximum value from development initiatives. We have a proven methodology for achieving this:

  • We use Emotional Intelligence principles to provide practical tools for people to push through the discomfort zone and create new habits of behaviour
  • We provide a Learning Transfer Process that enables organisations to extract maximum value from all of their development initiatives.

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