Emotional Intelligence

Why do some people fall short of their potential, while others outperform their talent?

There is more to being successful than the traditional notion of intelligence.

The latest research shows the importance of Emotional Intelligence in the workplace.  For example:

  • As much as 80% of success comes from emotional intelligence.
  • UCLA research indicates that leadership success is 93% emotional competence and 7% intellect.
  • The primary causes of derailed careers involve deficits in emotional intelligence.

Technical ability and IQ are important for success. But the recipe isn’t complete without Emotional Intelligence. Emotional competence was once thought of as “nice to have” in business. But we now know that it is a “need to have” if people are to achieve their full potential.

Emotional Intelligence is firstly about managing yourself. It’s about understanding and managing your own emotions and behaviours so that you can perform well under pressure and do the tough stuff – the difficult, high-payoff activities that lead to success.

Secondly, Emotional Intelligence is about empathy and relationship management – tapping into others’ emotional wavelength so you can build effective relationships and energise people to perform at their best.

Emotional Intelligence is the cornerstone for personal and professional success.  It is the competency that leverages talent.

Our Emotional Intelligence training and coaching enables people to:

  • Manage negative emotions, leading to less stress and greater motivation.
  • Be resilient and bounce back from setbacks and failures.
  • Develop the gritty determination that underpins success.
  • Be more effective in dealing with others’ emotions and behaviours.
  • Build and maintain effective relationships with others.

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