Coaching Skills Training

"Coaching is the most effective, but least used leadership style”

Daniel Goleman, Leadership That Gets Results

The process and skills of Performance Coaching enable leaders to facilitate ever increasing levels of performance and productivity in their people.  It goes way beyond the mere conveyance of knowledge. If done properly, it can result in performance that far surpasses the capability of the coach – world champions are often coached to excellence by people with lesser talent.

The underlying premise of Performance Coaching is that people have the potential to continually grow and produce higher levels of performance. 

The leader’s coaching objective, therefore, is to help their people find the key that unlocks that extra performance – to help them achieve their true potential.

We train leaders to have purposeful coaching conversations that enable their people to:

  • Know their true strengths and how to build on them to create outstanding performance
  • Discover the best way for them to achieve their performance objectives
  • Become aware of their weaknesses and how to manage them so they don’t hinder their success
  • Use their unique strengths within the team to help lift everyone’s performance

As a leadership tool, Performance Coaching will ensure maximum productivity from team members, in combination with maximum job satisfaction.

However, when adopted as a way of leading, it has a profound effect on engagement, team performance and results.

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