Skilled Leaders – Engaged Teams

Outstanding performance comes from discretionary effort – that little bit extra that people choose to give ... or withhold.

So the only way to consistently deliver outstanding performance is to create an environment that fosters highly engaged team members who volunteer their discretionary effort.

The studies show that highly engaged team members outperform their peers on four critical business outcomes:

  • Productivity
  • Profitability
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Employee retention

Significantly, the leader’s actions and behaviour have the greatest impact on employee engagement.

What leaders do and how they do it are critical success factors for all organisations. Our training and coaching enables leaders to:

  • Understand the leadership actions and behaviours that have the greatest impact on employee engagement
  • Identify actions they can take to significantly improve their team’s engagement and performance
  • Utilise their team’s unique combination of strengths to create outstanding performance
  • Coach team members to leverage their unique strengths and achieve their full potential

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